augmented reality branded car  

  To view this demo you MUST have a webcam set-up and running on your computer. You also need to print a  copy of the AR reference marker and have an up to date version of Adobe Flash Player.

 If you cannot see the feed from your webcam on this screen you must follow these simple steps in order for the  program to recognise your webcam.

 Firstly, right click on the window above and select `SETTINGS`. Then, when the window `pops up` on screen,  you must click the webcam icon on the bottom right.

 Once this has been done, you can select your webcam from the drop-down list, and click the larger webcam icon  to preview. When you can see the image generated by your webcam, you can click `CLOSE` to begin using the  application.

 When your camera has been set up, you must print out a copy of the AR reference marker which can be downloaded  here. Once you have your printed marker, simply hold the card up to the camera untill the webcam recognises the  code and then maps the 3d model onto the live webcam video feed. The marker will work quicker if you have a plain, light background (a white wall etc), as the application can find and track the marker code more easily. If you are having problems viewing the demo, please get in touch.